Similar Issue in Illinois time to unbundle


Similar Issue in Illinois time to unbundle

Here’s the deal here. An apartment complex has 128 four bedroom apartments. So at 2 spaces per apartment, there should be 256 spaces. In fact there are 300. However the complex rents out each room individually to students, so instead of 128 tenants using 256 spaces, there are 512 potential parkers. Horrors. What to do.

Well, the developer is building more parking space, but there still won’t be enough. The city wants to change the rules, but it won’t affect the development, since "ex post facto" kicks in.  I have a solution.

The complex should charge for parking separately from rent in the building- this is called unbundling. Students without cars will be attracted to the facility, and those with cars will pay a bit more to offset the lower rent of the non car owners.

My guess is that the place will still be full, the traffic will be down, and all will be right with the world.

There would probably be room for a lawn, park, or barbecue area where there was once asphalt.

Enforcing? Tow those without permits. That works extremely well here in LA in an area known as the Marina. It can work in Evansville, too.


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