Six years to get a Parking Permit


Six years to get a Parking Permit

I guess it takes a while to get a parking permit in the outlying stations on Chicago’s Metra. In some cases six years. Read about it here.

I did some research (but not much) and found that the prices in these lots are between $1.25 and $2 a day. There is some talk of building more parking but for some reason, this isn’t, I guess, financially feasible.

Well, gee whiz. They can’t afford to provide more parking but are willing to subsidize the few who can get permits (about 1 in four). The rest just deal with it.

Once again, the government (read that Metra) is subsidizing parking. People can buy cars, put gas in them, insure them, and maintain them, but want to park them for free or just about free. This makes absolutely no sense. If they charged market rates for these spaces, first of all, people would figure out other ways to get to the train (carpool, van pool, horse and buggy etc etc etc).

Second – there would be enough money available to provide more parking. It’s how the system works. Of course the Metra comes in and screws with the marketplace and then wonders why they have no money to take care of parking. I’m sure historically this was to attract people off the freeway and on the train. Well that worked. Now it’s time to stop the marketing program and get back to reality.

Good Grief. What next? Free Pickup and Delivery to your front door?


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