Skiers Should Pay to Park


Skiers Should Pay to Park

What is arguably the most expensive sport in which the individual citizen can participate? Fishing, surfing, running, golf, tennis, hunting? No. I believe if you add in all the gear, tickets and travel expense, Skiing is number one. People who ski have to have a disposable income up there with Midas.

So, the folks in Telluride, Colorado, are arguing over free parking for skiers. Seems the folks who own the mountain that brings those who ski to town cut a deal a few years back to turn over some parking structures and the like to the local town. The deal was that the town would supply free parking to skiers. Well that was then, this is now. It costs the town about a million a year to provide the parking, and they, like others, are cash strapped. They went back to the well and of course are now embroiled in a fight.

My position. Skiers should pay for parking, whether it’s in the cost of the lift tickets or when they enter the parking lot. Obviously the most fair is for the cost to be unbundled. Those who drive, pay. Simple.

After all, if they continue to offer ‘free” parking, the million has to come from somewhere. And the city will simply raise taxes on everyone to get it. Telluride will become more expensive to visit than say Aspen or Steamboat, and the numbers will go down. Increased taxes will be reflected in lift tickets, meals, hotels, and cost of items in the shops.

Parking isn’t free.


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John Van Horn

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  1. hmm… don’t know if i’ll agree with that but i also consider that parking isn’t free so i guess it’s up to the government. 😀

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