Social Media and Parking, What a Disaster


Social Media and Parking, What a Disaster

The social media headline read: It cost me $920 to have the Barnacle removed from my car, signed babayaga.  OMG  — How unfair – the poor little girl had to pay nearly $1000 to get her car released by the evil parking operation. Read all about it over at

“$920 to get this removed,” the student tweeted with a sad face emoji. “All bc the university doesn’t have enough permits available nor parking options that are affordable for students that already pay to attend the University.’

That’s the problem with so called “social media.” You can say anything you want with no requirement for research or backup. Of course news media is moving down a similar path.

You have to read the article in the Houston Chronicle completely and do some quick math to understand that in fact it cost $50 to have it removed. The rest was the requirement of paying numerous parking tickets she had ignored. The Parking Department responds:

“It is our responsibility to make sure that there is available parking for those who have paid to have a valid permit,” UH’s parking department tweeted in reply to babayaga. “We offer a wide range of permits from garage to remote campus and we have had permits available throughout the fall and spring semester at all times.”

UH’s barnacle devices, implemented in early December 2019 as a way to deter parking violators and simplify fining processes, are only used for cars consistently parked on campus without a permit and with five or more existing citations, according to the spokesmen. To date, 37 cars have been barnacled, with the violators receiving an average of nine citations for parking without a permit.

I just love these snowflakes. They want everything for nothing. They take no responsibility for their actions. What the hell is this world coming to.

Take a chill pill, JVH.

There is an urban legend that graffiti was found on the walls of a city in ancient Rome that said to the effect: “What is wrong with these young people. The world is coming to an end. It will not survive their generation.”

It is difficult to reach a happy medium. I think the University of Houston has done so. They are allowing students to ignore a number of citations, and then charge them only $50 for the collection effort. They didn’t learn responsibility from their parents, so it is up to the university to do something. Just wait until they ignore nine tickets written off campus. Ha.

By the way – this youngster asked folks on Social Media to help pay her parking fines and received at last count over $200. Could that have been the goal all along?


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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