Some Developers are “Spooked” over Parking


Some Developers are “Spooked” over Parking

One of the speakers at the Arrive seminar yesterday was from Tishman Speyer, a world wide developer with over 90 million square feet of office space and tons of parking. He said that all the talk of AVs and the end of parking as we know it has his company “Spooked” and they are unsure what to do about planning for parking in the future.

Parking Industry Expo speaker Dale Denda is addressing this very issue this coming March in Chicago. Dale tells me that the numbers show that people driving cars to work is actually increasing and that most developers are planning for more parking in their projects.

Yes, some are “spooked,”, he says, but the majority are in fact building the requisite number of parking spaces. “These are real numbers, taken from construction surveys, not fantasy.”

If you are interested in the future of our industry, this is a seminar you won’t want to miss. I will be on the dais with Dale and will help parse his projections for the attended masses.

The percentages haven’t changed for over 60 years. About 85% of all commuters will drive private vehicles. The numbers have increased, however, since the population has increased. Government projections show that like it or not, cities will become congested, traffic will increase, and the need for someplace to put those cars will continue to exist.

Find out the facts at PIE 2019.  Full info here.


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