Someone has it just right…


Someone has it just right…

Folks in Clearwater, FL, are complaining about the dirth of parking at the beach during spring break. Letters to the local paper gripe and complain and demand a solution…Here’s one, and I think its great. From a letter to the local Clearwater, FL, paper:

So how is it that I can get to the beach so easily and find parking
– and free parking at that – everywhere I go? Easy. I ride a bicycle. I
know better than to try to drive down there. For me, the beach is a
relaxing ride any day of the week – even on spring break weekends. It’s
truly the only way to go.

Can’t (or won’t) ride a bicycle?
Clearwater operates a wonderful red trolley bus system to the beach
from downtown. Take it. Why would you want to drive and pay for parking
– if you can find it – when you can relax and have a worry-free day at
the beach?

It comes down to this: Driving is a privilege, not a
right. Parking, if offered at all, is offered as a courtesy and not
required by any law. There are, in this case, viable alternatives to
driving your private vehicle to the beach. If you don’t take them,
don’t expect much sympathy from those of us who do. And keep your
bike’s tires pumped.

How can you not just love that last graph? If only everyone had this attitude.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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