Sainsbury’s Supermarket in Glouchester in the UK has installed a peizo electric system in its parking garage so cars driving over the equpment actually generate enough electricity to run the store’s checkout counters. If you are interested in the technology, read about it here. They have drawings and everything.

I think this is great. The store is also using cold air from the freezers to cool the store and is designed so huge windows light the place during the day and they can cut back on light. Plus they are capturing rainwater and heating it with solar panels for warming the building.

One wag commented that with all the eco friendly equipment in the store, they might try offering “Soylent” in the deli section. We understand that the “Green” variety is most popular.

(For those of you under 45 the movie Soylent Green starred Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young, Chuck Conners, Joseph Cotton, Brock Peters, Paula Kelly and Edward G. Robinson. Oh, yes, Dick Van Patten is in it as an usher. Go rent it and watch while eating some pistachio ice cream or lime jello. Ymmmmm. Then you will understand the reference.)

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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