Streetline Out, StreetSmart In – in SF


Streetline Out, StreetSmart In – in SF

I reported this change earlier, but it is now picked up by the MSM and the SF Examiner confirms that StreetSmart has replaced Streetline as the vendor of the sensors that will monitor on street parking spaces in San Francisco. Julie Dixon, West Coast Manager for Serco, the company that is overseeing the project for the city, was quoted as saying “Streetline did not meet the performance standards specified in the contract”.” My sources told me that the company had difficulty with the extreme electrical interference found in the Bay City. With cable cars, electric buses, under street power lines and the ubiquitous cell phones, interference with the sensors was severe. According to StreetSmart it has developed filters to deal with the problem.

The project, SF Park, is due to go live this spring.

Street Smart will be the sole vendor as Streetline has said that it could not reach contractual agreements with the city to provide dual sources for the sensors.. Streetline has had successful installations in Sausalito, CA and Hollywood.

It sounds like StreetSmart has its work cut out for it. Let’s hope that they don’t see this contract as the result of the Chinese Curse – “May you get what you wish for.”


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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