Strictly Rumor and Gossip…


Strictly Rumor and Gossip…

I have heard from a source that says I will never get another word if I use the person’s name (see no gender)…That the reason Macquarie Bank’s National Car Parks wasn’t at the Parkex/Traffex show in Birmingham last week was because it simply didn’t have the money to go. So maybe my disclaimer about Macquarie’s parking problems was not related solely to its US operations but to its EU operations, too.

My source says that ” This billion pound company where most of the money came from the car parks dumped the marginal on street operation soon after the Australians took over.  The ‘dumped’ company is the now highly profitable NCP Services renamed NSL and I am told that the core business still trading as NCP is now operating at a loss. So from  a billion pounds to pence in a couple of years, who ever heard of bankers doing something like this before?”

NSL, which contracts for on street enforcement and citation management throughout the UK had a large presence at Parkex.

Is there something to that adage that if you don’t show up, people will comment on your absence? Could be.,.

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John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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