T2 Puts on 4 Day Affair for 400


T2 Puts on 4 Day Affair for 400

I was in Indianapolis Today and dropped by the T2 System’s “Connect 2014” annual four day extravaganza and as usual, I was impressed. The company invites its customers to come to the event to receive training and to join in discussions on the specifics of their jobs and how they relate to T2 products.

I sat in on a few of the sessions and was impressed how open the discussions were.  Some of the attendees told of ‘work arounds’ so they could perform needed tasks not included in theT2 software. The T2 crew were in every session and taking notes.

I spoke with Peter Lange, head of parking and transportation at Texas A and M University. He told me that the attraction of the event is that even though attendees may be at different levels in organizations, or in different types, including Universities, Municipalities, Private Operators they are all connected by a common threat, the T2 Flex software.  “Sure we bring up things we do that aren’t included in Flex, but often, a year or so later, we find that they have listened and included the new ideas in their product.”

I only stayed a few hours, but sincere thanks to my hosts Mike Simmons, Blake Lauffer, and Irena Goloshocken. They put on a great event, which included about 20 or so sponsor exhibitors.  PIE, NPA, and the IPI better watch out, T2 is coming on strong.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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