Missoula’s, MT new parking meters pose difficulties for handicapped patrons…NOT!!!


Missoula’s, MT new parking meters pose difficulties for handicapped patrons…NOT!!!

When I read the headline that we picked up from the local paper on parknews.biz, I scratched my head. I didn’t think that new meters would cause problems. I was right.

Its almost like the people that write the headlines don’t read the article. The headline above, which refer’s to the new T2 Luke machines installed in the Montana city, is extremely misleading. (I added the “NOT!!!”)

The article points out that handicapped parkers were surprised when they found they had to pay for parking, certainly not something having to do with the Pay by License plate equipment.  It also seems that there was some confusion as how to add time, once again not a problem with the equipment but with the city and its communications.

It also seems that the problems the handicapped were having was no different than the problems with existing meters (difficulty holding on to coin and placing it in the meter).

There is one area that needs to be explored, that is the use of pay by cell in Missoula, and I think that’s underway. The pay by cell would enable the disabled to use their phone to pay and that will alleviate any issues, but once again this is not a problem with the ‘new parking meters’.

I do wish editors would read their headlines as well as their articles before OKing the piece for print. The headlines can give a very different meaning to the article and so often readers stop reading when the type goes to 9 point from 24 point.



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