Talk about not my personal best


Talk about not my personal best

I had been chatting with Liliana Rambo from Houston at the IPI show and walked into our booth. She was a few feet away chatting with someone else when Dorothy Harris from Denver International Airport walked up. I glanced from Liliana to Dorothy and said "hi Liliana" to Dorothy. She laughed and said "I just wish I had her figure." Dorothy is looking very good, only her grace and kindness outshines her svelt personage. I also called Terry Henderson, marketing manager at POM, "Amy". In addition, stuttered around for five minutes before I could catch the name on Kyle Cushion's badge. I am becoming an expert at talking to someone for a very long time and not using their first name. I'm pretty good at names like "Tom" and "Roy" particularly if their last name is Carter, but Haralambiew (Datapark) slows me up a bit. Then I walked in to the Creditcall booth and recognized the woman from the UK that staffs their booth world wide. We know each other from a good doxen trade shows. I noted that she seemed to have an allergy and rather than shut up I mentioned it. She handled me perfectly with "Gee you really know how to make a girl feel her best." I still don't know her name and based on that exchange, probably never will. I have to go to bed earlier at these shows – Playing blackjack til midnight with Shelly, Pat, Sandra and Andy takes it out of me. Or it might have been those three scotches just before bedtime.

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