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Is anyone ever taught how to use a computer? A zillion years ago I did a three day course on using an IBM mainframe. That’s it, everything else I have picked up as I have gone along. This leads to a few problems; I can just about manage the basic Microsoft packages but anything to do with hardware or operating systems and I am screwed. Therefore when my PC went belly up I called on Techno Man who diagnosed the problem (mainly me) spent half the night here and got it sorted for a very modest fee. Everything was OK up to about a week ago when Microsoft updated the Operating System which knocked out the Graphics Card settings. Techno Man talked me through the problem and I sort of got it fixed but it wasn’t quite right. No problems UGG the older daughter’s beloved was due and he works in IT, he will sort it. Two hours later he had deleted the operating system and after a lot of faffing about and scowls from my daughter (at me, she wasn’t the centre of attention), he managed to get it back more or less to where he started. Techno Man is due tomorrow. Otherwise is anyone ever taught how to use a computer?

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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