Technology, Smechology – I Still Have A Cigar Box


Technology, Smechology – I Still Have A Cigar Box

The April Issue of Parking Today is our Technology Issue. I have asked a number of tech providers, consultants, and others to write about the topic and have received some interesting input.

But what about the actual end users, the operators, cities, hospitals, airports, and shopping centers that actually park cars. Sure they are buying the stuff. But are they even capable of using it?

What difference does it make if you can launch a Tesla into orbit if you can’t keep track of your monthly parkers. The tech exists, do you use it? When was the last time you walked into the garage and ran a list of active permits? Do you know how? It doesn’t count if you ask your manager to do it.

OK, you have the capability of selling and reserving spaces from your vacation spot in the Seychelles. But are you sure you are getting all the money for each transaction? How do you know? Sure you trust them, but really…

Your new techy system is so flexible that you can adjust your rates hourly from your hot tub. Super. But can anyone with an internet connection do it too? How do you know they haven’t? Remember what the Gipper said: “Trust by Verify.”

If you head is spinning and you are ready to hire your mother to sit in an exit booth and revert to the cigar box, check out April’s issue of PT. It full of tech, and will answer some of the questions above. At least it will make you dangerous enough so when tech salespeople knock on your door, you will ask some really hard questions.

If you are a tech provider and want to be included, contact Marcy at


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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