Temecula Parking group Meets in Vegas


Temecula Parking group Meets in Vegas

The Temecula Parking Group met last night. It was an informal dinner meeting without an agenda however it brought together senior parking folks from Perth and Washington DC. Larry Schneider, President of the Australian Parking Association and John Fiegel, Interim President of the NPA spoke and gave insights into their organizations and positions. Fiegel noted that his position was a going to be filled permanently within the next quarter. He is a professional leader that fills in when positions open suddenly. He has provided this service to four other organizations in the past.

Larry Schneider, now a consultant in Australia, told of his background in the formation of parking operators in South Africa and Australia and told of the approaches developers take to garage design and operation down under.

The group felt honored that the IPI was putting into action many of the suggestions brought forth in its White Paper published three years ago. It will begin work at its next formal meeting to be held this fall.

Those attending the meeting included Clyde Wilson, Mike Klein, John Hammerschlag, Barbara Chance, Joe Sciulli, Mike Simmons, Mark Pratt, Pierre Koudelka, . Also Joining the group were my wife Robyn and Mike’s wife Lee. The PT staff sitting at the next table included Andy, Neil, Pat, Marcy, Shelly, and Carmen (You figure it out).

I noted to Australia isn’t the only place that has unpronounceable names. He opened his remarks by thanking the Te me CU la group and told us he had seen a sign to the Southern California City on a drive this week from LA to San Diego. For those of you ignorant of American Indian pronunciation, the correct one is Te MECK u la.

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