Texas Judge Takes Parking Law Into His Own Hands


Texas Judge Takes Parking Law Into His Own Hands

In Texas, you can make your own parking signs and share them with your neighbors and totally get away with it, at least that’s how it looks. Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Larry Meyers tried it out and suffered no consequences besides a warning from enforcement officers and probable embarrassment at the hands of the media.

Installing a parking or traffic sign on a public street without permission is a violation of a city ordinance, City Attorney Sarah Fullenwider said Monday. City officers first warned Meyers and gave him until Thursday to take them down, Bennett said, but then went ahead and removed the signs.

So Meyers didn’t even have to take down the illegal signs himself – enforcement officers did it for him, reports star-telegram.com. Parking Code Compliance Director Brandon Bennett said Meyers will be cited if he repeats the offence.

Meyers has been a judge in Texas since 1992, so it’s hard to believe he doesn’t know anything about the legal preliminaries of the installation of street signs. He claims the signs were needed because Texas Christian University students are parking in his neighborhood.

The eight commercially made signs warned, “No parking anytime,” “Tow-away zone” and “Resident parking only,” but lacked identifying city tags on the back.

As far as politics go, this might not have been Meyers’ best idea. He’s the only statewide democrat in office in Texas and is running for reelection this year. His neighborhood homeowner’s association isn’t supporting his actions and his opponent is enthusiastically using the incident against him in her campaign.

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