Text and get your car


Text and get your car

My 17 year old granddaughter has hooked me on texting. I visited her last week and we were sitting side by side on the couch texting back and forth. I know you think I'm nuts, but frankly it was the longest conversation we had had in years. Now we text almost daily.

There are two new valet texting services that have been launched.  One is called Yayvalet the other is  Zingle and from what I read it works like this: a parking operator signs up with the company and a small printer is installed in the valet booth. When a person wants their car they simply text their ticket number to the phone number on the back of the ticket. They get a confirmation back, and the request prints out on the printer in the valet booth. When the driver reaches the valet booth, their car is there and they are ready to go. Neat huh.

course each company offers many variations and features. You will have
to call them to get the pitch

Now I can put my texting skills to a practical use.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. We use Yayvalet here in Florida and it is awesome. I can request my car the night before, the system will hold the order. Yayvalet will print the ticket and send a text 15 minutes before the time I set. They are also starting to offer other services via Yayvalet, dry cleaning, mobile carwash, limo/transportation requests, luggage shipping. Gotta tell you I love it!

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