Thank you Mr. Mayor


Thank you Mr. Mayor

Hizzonner Mike Bloomberg of NYC has issued a formal Thank You to the NY Daily News for busting so many municipal employees who park illegally and don’t get ticketed.  Read about it here.

We have reported here a number of times the concerns that the Big Apple’s residents have over Municipal, County and State employees being issued "placards" that allow them to park virtually anywhere for nothing.  The problem is that they are also parking in red zones, sidewalks, and the like. In a couple of instances, they were cars used for parking and traffic patrols. In other words, the parking enforcement officers themselves were parked illegally.

Nothing upsets the citizenry more than a double standard. The mayor seems to have heard the ruckus and is taking action.

Go for it, Mike.


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John Van Horn

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  1. City employees not only park with impunity on the street, they also park illegally on the sidewalk. As a result, pedestrians are inconvenienced, wheelchair users are blocked, and taxpayers must foot the bill for premature sidewalk failure. The worst culprits are police officers, many of whom drive in to the City from the suburbs, and then express their contempt for the community by parking their personal automobiles on the community’s sidewalks. Outside of most polices stations throughout New York City, the street space that would otherwise be used for parallel parking is most often re-striped for head-in parking, with half of each resultant parking space consuming most of the adjoining sidewalk. Police officers have free use of the region’s public transportation system, but eschew that system widely since they can park for free on our sidewalks. The Mayors needs to crack down on police officers who abuse the public trust.

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