The Brits just get in Deeper and Deeper


The Brits just get in Deeper and Deeper

A woman and her husband rush to the hospital — She’s in labor. Baby due any second. They park in front of the hospital, go inside, and get her settled. Hubby returns to find a $75 ticket on the car. He moves the car. The blessed event occurs. When they go out to take the child home, they find another ticket on the car.

They are, of course, in the wife’s name since she owned that car.  She paid the first ticket, after being told the fine stood, but challenged the second, which was waved.

OK, are you ready, here it comes……

What did the council say when she asked for the first one to be refunded. Are you ready.

A council spokeswoman last night said the council was prepared to
investigate why one of Ms Turner’s fines was waived and not the other.

What do you want to bet they find that the second ticked should not have been voided and send her a bill.

Do these nutcases really scratch their heads as ask why the British public hate the parking officials so much. Oh this was on the front page of one of the widest circulation papers in the country.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

2 Responses

  1. John, I need to correct your statement on this news, firstly this event took place in Australia and not Britain, I am sure you know that Australia officially ceased to be a British Colony on 1901 and I think that after 108 years its proud citizens will find it difficult to being referred to as “The Brits”.
    Secondly, I am surprised that after so many years visiting England, you have not noticed that we are still using British Pounds (£) and the article on the Australian Daily Telegraph refers to Dollars ($).
    When wrong things are done in Parking and needs reporting, so be it. In Britain as you know we have a very sensationalist media that likes nothing better than bashing our parking industry at every possible opportunity. I think it will be much better and interesting to higligth the many good initiatives, products and services the British Parking Industry have to offer that could be of real benefit to your American readers and their parking customers.
    Que sera sera
    An adopted Brit and proud of it.
    Manny Rasores de Toro

  2. Manny is absolutely right — I made the error when I saw “Telegraph” It was the Aussies that blew this out of proportion. Thanks to the “Parking Bull” for the correction.

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