The Dog Ate My Homework…


The Dog Ate My Homework…

That is the timeless excuse whether you are a tenth grader trying to get a few extra days on that book report, or the IRS explaining missing emails. I have always that it was a bit lame. Why not just fess up. After all, the teacher had heard it all before.

I had a similar experience the other day that brought this little excuse into focus. As you know I wear hearing aids. And love them. I had taken them out and laid them on a towel and forgot about them. A few minutes later I dried my hands.

When I went to put the electronic marvels back in my ears I couldn’t find them. I searched everywhere. Then I stepped (Barefoot) on something that felt like broken plastic. Yep, there they were, in a million pieces, with definite doggy tooth marks leading to the culprit.

Suki didn’t eat them, she just chewed them up and spit them out.  The hearing aid company didn’t like my excuse any better than my 10th grade teacher. I had to pay the insurance deductible and then be told that if I wanted more insurance, I had to sign up and pay again.

An expensive lesson. With certain things, like taking pills and dealing with glasses, hearing aids, and cell phones, keep a constant routine. Trust me, when you step out of your routine, its possible for disaster to strike, even in the form of a four legged long nose…well you know what I mean.






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