The Lasest Scam du Jour


The Lasest Scam du Jour

The employees of a rental car agency in Manhattan (how did I know it was there) were parking their rental cars on the street. Then after hours, when people wanted to park on the street to attend a nearby theater or restaurant they would offer to move their car (the rental car) so the person could park there. The cost $25. They would put the rental car in the agency’s garage.  If there were 10 spots a day — they could net $250 a day and if there was turnover, perhaps twice that. 

The local whistle blower Geraldo type heard about it and has it on tape. Check it out here.

This problem would have simply been solved if the on street pricing was close to the off street pricing ($47). My guess is that the on street prices were either free, or minimal. These entrepreneurs are rather sleazy but they understand the economics of on street parking better than the bureaucrats in the Big Apple.


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