The Masque


The Masque

OK, I’ll admit it, I am not comfortable wearing a mask. Its hot, its smelly, it fogs my glasses, and frankly I miss seeing the faces of people I meet on the street or in a store. The inconsistencies that our betters have put forth in dealing with masks is legend.

You have to wear a mask entering a restaurant but as soon as you sit down you can take it off. Until you go to the restroom, then you have to put it back on. (The waitstaff seem to be in control as to who sits where, I have seen “Table closed” signs removed quickly when a large party happens to arrive.)

In California you are supposed to wear a mask when walking on the street, and perhaps that’s reasonable on a crowded central city street, but is it reasonable on a neighborhood street where the nearest other person is a block away? And how about in cars, or while jogging on the beach, or working in your front garden.  OK, see the exception below. Does that mean that while walking on an uncrowded city street I don’t have to wear a mask. But is walking to the post office consideration recreation?

I have read that the hearing impaired (read that JVH) don’t have to wear them, but that makes no sense. It’s not me talking that I can’t hear, its others around me I can’t understand. And its THEIR masks causing the problem, not mine. Yes, you can remove your mask when talking to me, but why do I, as hearing impaired, get a pass. Confused yet? Sigh.

I did find this ‘exception’ amongst others as noted by the California Governor’s Office:

Persons who are engaged in outdoor work or recreation such as swimming, walking, hiking, bicycling or running, when alone or with household members, and when they are able to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others.

I did note that walking through parking facilities is specifically noted as a place where masks are required:

Working in or walking through common areas, such as hallways, stairways, elevators and parking facilities.

OK, I understand elevators, and hallways and the like, when when in a parking facility are you within six feet of another person?

If you want to see all the rules, go here.

Ok, now will all you “Karens” that are giving me the stink eye for walking Suki without a mask back off. I am not breaking the rules, and trust me, Suki will ensure no one is closer that six feet. And when you are jogging or walking in the park on at the beach, take off the damn mask. Let’s loosen up a tad when we can.

Wearing masks is a courtesy to others inside, in stores and businesses. So be it. But remember, wearing the mask is to protect others from you, not you from others. I think wearing the mask in reasonable situations, is appropriate. But we need to make sense out of it. Everyone wearing masks all the time everywhere, particularly when it is obviously unreasonable and unnecessary is instilling fear, and treating us like serfs.

It will be interesting how those in charge will begin the ‘great unmasking.’


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John Van Horn

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  1. Masks with ear loops can be quite painful for hearing aid users and people have lost their hearing aids taking their masks off.

  2. There are lots of different types of masks. I have cloth masks that tie at the back of my head. If you don’t like your mask, maybe try to find one that is more comfortable.

  3. Lindsay: I agree — The problem is that we are bombarded daily with inconsistent direction we don’t know where to turn. Joe is right too, every time I take off a mask my hearing aids fall on the ground. JVH

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