The Most Important Key


The Most Important Key

If I asked you what is the most important button on your phone or computer, what would you say? “E” is the one used the most. “Space” is necessary to make the sentences readable. What about “forward” or “archive” or “send.” I’ve been thinking about this and I have come to the conclusion that the most important button on your communications device is “delete.” Preferably used before you read the message.

Yikes. How can you delete a message before you read it? Won’t you miss something important. First of all, I doubt the world would come to an end if you deleted every message before you read it, however I grant that some need to be read. However I find that I delete maybe 80% of the messages based on the sender or the subject line.

Let’s face it, a message from a Nigerian prince, or from Amazon touting something you just bought, or from Costco subject “New and Exclusive” can go straight to trash. How about “Joe Schmoe has send you a message on Linkedin.” Oh Please. I have never heard of Joe Schmoe. I don’t want to hear from Joe Schmoe. And the chances are that Joe Schmoe wants to sell me something. Come on, if Joe really had something important to say, he could find my email address and write directly. Delete

How about messages from “Team” something or other. Frankly I don’t trust ‘teams’ that write to me. If someone is afraid to give me their name, then do I want to talk to them. Into the trash.

How about ‘downers.’ You know who they are. They add nothing to your life but negativity. You just had a new baby and they will tell you all the bad things that are going to happen now – late nights, colic, dirty diapers, doctor visits, the cost of college… Delete

You know your sister in law has a list of things to tell you that will tick you off. She has never sent an email that didn’t give instruction, comment on something, or tell you what you are doing wrong. Why subject yourself to all that. Delete before reading.

The most important key  – “Delete”


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