The Parking Lot Movie


The Parking Lot Movie

I have just watched the Parking Lot Movie.   I am asking Astrid to watch it and write a review, but suffice it to say that it takes an entirely different view of a parking lot and its operation.  Check out the trailer:



That should tell you something about the film. You see what happens in this unconventional lot through the eyes of these highly educated but unmotivated employees. They take a zen like approach to their customers, many of whom they despise, and often let their feelings control their interaction.

I do recommend you see it – and you can, through Itunes. You can download it here

The plea from the producer is here:


Update:  I wasn't clear about my use of the term "unmotivated.'  It wasn't directed at the attendants as attendants, they seem fairly well motivated for their job. It was rather directed at people with masters degrees who seemed not motivated to follow the course they had set with their education. The seem to be in limbo — between gigs, and the between may last for five or ten years. JVH

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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