The Power of Parking


The Power of Parking

Oakland A’s fans are angry because their regular “Free Parking Tuesday” game isn’t going to come with free parking after all. According to, the free parking promotion won’t be honored this Tuesday because of the NBA playoff game going on at the nearby Oracle Arena. But not only is parking not free, it’s also not the regular $20 – this Tuesday it’s $40.

“Because of the dual event with the Warriors postseason game, parking is $40, the cost of parking for the arena event. This is standard procedure and occurs for all arena events. We found out about the dual event on Friday evening when the second round of the NBA playoffs was determined. We alerted fans at that time and throughout the weekend via dedicated emails, media press releases, social media and during our broadcasts,” A’s Director of Corporate Communications Catherine Aker said in a statement to KTVU.

What I found interesting about this scenario is that there are A’s fans who attend games on Tuesdays specifically because the parking is free. The parking perk makes their decision for them. It shows the power of parking when people make their plans around its cost and availability. Despite the efforts of the team’s communications group to publicize the change in a timely way, fans are voicing their displeasure at the abrupt cancellation of this promotion.

“Little bit like a bait and switch,” said lifelong A’s fan Gary Silverman of Concord. He said he couldn’t believe it when he found out that the Tuesday free parking was suddenly cancelled. “We actually purchased tickets for Tuesday knowing that it was free parking and then a couple days before take that away, not very fair,” Silverman said.

There was probably some fine print somewhere that could have given A’s fans an idea their free parking Tuesdays were not guaranteed, but who reads the fine print when football and free parking come up in the same sentence?

Read the article here.

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