The same stories every summer


The same stories every summer

But this one has a bit of a twist.  A father left his 2 year old daughter in a car while he visited a brothel in the Reno area of Nevada. Fortunately the security guard for the establishment heard the child crying and rescued her before damage was done. The father is in jail (where he belongs) and she is with protective services. Hopefully his time at the brothel will be his last bit of recreation before his long incarceration.

This seems like such a no brainer. Temperatures inside vehicles can be as much as 75 degrees higher than the surrounding air. And in the summer, the air can be pretty hot, particularly in the desert around Reno.Not a healthy environment for children and other living things.  My guess is that child was 10 minutes or less from death.

Parking operators need to keep a weather eye out for such stupidity. We are on the front lines to defend against idiots who leave kids and animals in their cars. Personally, I think that the best way to open these vehicles is with a tire iron through the window. Takes a lot less time and is effective. Don’t even try the door, it might be unlocked.

The second thing to do is call the cops. They will take care of the car’s owner.


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