The Show is Going On


The Show is Going On

Parking Today’s talented team is toiling away today at Day 3 of the Parking Industry Exhibition. While not everybody could make it to the trade show, including myself, there are ways to access the helpful information PIE presenters are sharing. Visit the PIE site, and click on the “educational seminars” link on the left column. There you will find a complete list of the seminars going on at the show, and a number of links to download the presentations.

One seminar, offered by Dennis Cunning from DLC Consulting, covers revenue control, auditing and contracts.

Regardless of the internal corporate controls, the simple fact remains that the operation of technology and equipment in the field still requires manual human input that requires continuing audit controls at the field level.

It’s just one sentence of the presentation, but it answers a lot of questions. Mainly, yes, technology is a huge factor in the industry, and, yes, people are still vital to the process of selling parking.

There are industries that can be completely automated, but parking is not one of them. There might be fewer people on the ground, but they are still needed behind the scenes. As long as cars move and parking lots dot the earth, people will be needed to manage them. There is no way to make transportation completely digital.

The PIE show is in Las Vegas next year. If you didn’t make it to the show this year, start saving up now.

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John Van Horn

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  1. Paul, Good article, Isn’t it the truth. People to manage people and customers. What we get out of the machines is what people put into them.

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