The Surge worked in Iraq, why not here…


The Surge worked in Iraq, why not here…

Crime is down, at least in LA – however gangs still rule some neighborhoods and incidents like this one in Chicago do happen. People in some areas cower in their homes. I have been musing about a possible solution.

Well, it worked in Iraq – The Surge. Why not try it in our cities. Bring in police from other cities on loan for a few months and focus policing on neighborhoods where there is active crime. If you could get say 100 cities in California to send 5% of their police forces to work in Los Angeles for half a year, think of the crime that could be prevented and the criminals that could be taken off the streets.

After one city was cleaned up, move on to another, then another. Think of it. In a few short years, the gangs and drugs would be gone.

Of course we would have to be committed to the project. We would have to take these animals and put them away permanently. We would have to stand up to the ACLU and the criminal rights groups, but then with proper leadership, we could.

Schools would become places of teaching and learning, not dens of drug dealing and criminal activity. Families would be able to walk the streets in the evenings without fear of a drive by shooting.

Once the area is back under control, it would be much easier to keep it under control.

Ok, it’s a radical idea. But think about it. Maybe a traffic officer could boot a car without fear of being shot in the back.


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