The Urban Forest


The Urban Forest

We noticed the other day that the cat was eating a lot more than usual. We feed him on the counter next to the sink so the dog won’t eat the cat food.

This morning, as we rounded the corner into the kitchen, we saw a tail with a number of rings heading out through the dog/cat door. Yes, a racoon has been coming into the kitchen and eating the cat’s food.

In addition, we noticed some garbage in the bubbling fountain next to the cat food. The critter was washing the food in the fountain. He must have thought it was very convenient.

We will keep the dog door closed at night – and we won’t set up a racoon feeder on the back porch. Its isn’t a good idea to help them with their forage for food. If they begin to rely on humans and for whatever reason we leave, they are in trouble. There is plenty of fruit, veggies, and garbage for them in the neighborhood.

Dontcha just love the Urban Forest.

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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