The wheels on the bus…


The wheels on the bus…

Public transit is supposed to ease parking issues. But trouble brews when commuters drive to public transit stations and leave their cars in the surrounding areas.  Nobody wants 300 commuters parked in their neighborhood every weekday.

Parkers who use the bus line that begins in Clinton Township drive various distances to take the bus the rest of the way to New York City. The local government is thinking about making it harder for them to park on the streets near the station. Residents have mixed opinions about how much the commuters infringe on their streets and don’t want parking time limits to affect how their own parking habits. Read here for more details.

People are willing to live a long away away from their work. Not only that, many of the people who ride buses also have cars. Times have changed. It’s a new reality that public transit officials and parking planners should consider.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Cheers for the heads-up. Will pass this to our sales team as I think we might have a solution that could be implemented.

    On a side note way over here in Auckland, New Zealand – the local councils have started to build massive carparks or car parking buildings dedicated for public transport users.
    A few months ago I was pleased with the amount of carparks (free) around the Cos Cob (CT) rail station. Certainly makes the concept of public transport nicer.

  2. Public Transit only “moves” parking unless it originates at the same spot as the rider’s trip (their house/neighborhood). “Park-N-Ride” is exactly what it says it is, first you “park” and then you “ride”.

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