The “Drive By” MediaStrikes again


The “Drive By” MediaStrikes again

Yes, Parking is a disaster at Bob Hope Hollywood/Burbank/Pasadena airport. At least according to the screaming headlines:

With passenger traffic on rise,
Airport struggles with parking

Read the article here:

But if you read the article, from the first paragraph, you find that people aren’t complaining, that the airport has NEVER filled its parking facilities, and that in anticipation of that possibly, the administration has taken many what seem to me to be intelligent steps to ameliorate the problems.

Wouldn’t a better headline have been:

Airport Successful in Planning for Parking Shortages


Parking Tight at Airport – But There is Always a Space


Parking OK at Airport, And will be Getting Better soon

There is little if any truth in the headline the LA Daily News put on the article. But again, the Main Stream Drive By Media wouldn’t be doing its "job" if it didn’t come careening around the corner, take a bunch of pot shots at an issue, a story, or a potential problem, and then drive on leaving nothing but half truths and misrepresentations in its wake.

Probably 75% of the people picking up the paper won’t read the story, but only the headline.  The story says that the airport administration, seeing a possible problem in the future, has taken proper action and is continuing to do so and therefore, because of their good work, there has never been a time when the parking facilities at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank have been full.

But those 75% will believe that the airport parking is full, that administrators have allowed this to happen and are now "struggling" and most likely failing in coping with the problem.


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