The Season


The Season

Christmas is a bit “funny” this
year…We have been trained to say “Happy Holidays” by the PC crowd.  But this
year, I’m hearing “Merry Christmas” more and more.  People say “Happy Holidays”
first, and then add, almost parenthetically, “Merry Christmas.”

 Good – this is the Christmas season,
not the holiday season. As a Christian I observe Christmas, but I welcome those
of all faiths to join in the wonder of it all.

 Christmas is a time if magic, of
light, a time of “all the best.” Magic, you say?  Yes of course. Is it too far a
leap to go from the son of God being born a couple of millennia ago to a fat man
in a red suit who can pop down chimneys? I think

America The magic that surrounds the birth
of Christ is almost child like. We think about animals, about shepherds, about
babies. A mother and a child. And don’t forget Angels, lotsa magic there. In America, most of us believe. We
believe in innocence, in something that is a bit more than what happens every
day. How could the birth of a child years ago have made such a difference on the
world. There has to be something a little magic there, does there not. And what
is magic if it isn’t belief. We believe that something happened that couldn’t
possibly have happened.  Kings came, stars moved, angels sang, virgins and
babies,  — there’s enough fact there to allow us to make that leap of faith. We
know the kings came, we know the star was there, we know the baby was born,
(it’s in the records), so why not angels, and a

 The magic of Christmas lends itself
to the celebration most of us will have on Monday. The food, the gifts, the
singing, the fun, and just a little bit of adult beverage, all will bring us to
think, for just a moment, about the magic that brought us together.  Sure, Kris
did come down the chimney, there were a few presents around the tree from Santa,
but that’s not all.

 Christmas is certainly a time of
worship for some, but for all it’s a time of magic. Christmas brings us close to
family. Christmas is a time to patch up old wounds. No matter how grumpy we are
the rest of the year, it is impossible not to be happy, just for a moment, on

 Its simple – It’s

 As much as some tried to take the
“Christmas” out of the season, they simply couldn’t do it.  It is back. Stores
have dusted off the angels, there are crèches popping up, and that “C” word is
creeping back into our greetings.

 Anyone wonder why?1 I


 All the Best, Happy



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