The Temecula Parking Group publishes white paper


The Temecula Parking Group publishes white paper

The Temecula Parking Group has published its Parking White Paper. The document, which outlines the group’s concerns about the direction of the industry and what it feels are possible solutions to the industries problems, was delivered to IPI president Dorothy Harris and Chief Executive Kim Jackson today by Mike Simmons, who was the IPI liaison to the group. I handed a copy to NPA President Steve Long yesterday and we have mailed a copy to NPA Exec Marty Stein.

I have posted the paper on PT’s discussion group page here. Drop over and take a look. It also lists the members of the group.

The TPG met at the IPI and finalized the paper and agreed to present it to both the NPA and IPI. It is most anxious to assist both groups any way it can, to help pursue its agenda.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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