There are just a couple of little problems…


There are just a couple of little problems…

A merchant in Canonsberg, PA, has a great idea. He is going to open a concert venue, put on a bunch of concerts, and provide $1 from each ticket into a fund to build a parking garage in the downtown business district. There people will be able of “park free forever.” Read about it here.

As Mark puts it – He had better sell a lot of tickets.

But there is another problem. The garage is going to, at best, cost what $10,000,000 for 500 spaces. So out of the blocks, he has to sell more tickets than Madonna, Billy Joel, and Sting combined. But that’s not the only problem. There are ongoing expenses like lighting, maintenance, security, and the rest. Who is going to pay for all that, “Forever.”

And assuming one can get the place built, and keep it going, it means that people going to concerts in Canonsberg are going to pay inflated prices to cover the cost of a parking facility that they aren’t using. I think that this is an issue we haven’t discussed in detail here on the blog – that concept that “free” parking is paid for by everyone, not just those who drive.

Folks who carpool, walk to the concert, take the bus, bike, and train, all will pay for those who drive. How is that “fair.” I know, I know, “show me where its written that life is “fair.””

But in reality, if everyone paid their way, then the order of things would be complete. However if we expect others to supplement our driving, then what’s next – our food, clothing, housing, health care – Heh.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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