These Stories frost my bu…


These Stories frost my bu…

I read about downtowns like this one in Evansville, IN? just tick me off. gadzooks, they built a mall on the outskirts of town and, guess what, people went to shop there. I wonder why?  There were a lot of stores with neat stuff, restaurants, bars, probably covered and air conditioned. Why would someone want to go there when they could come downtown and visit empty storefronts, wig shops, and the odd used book store.

It took 40 years for a bit of a change to come and its beginning, but it will move slowly. There are loft buildings being converted to condos and apartments so people can acutally LIVE downtown. A few shops and bars and restaurants are opening up, and MAYBE they will succeed.

Oh get off it. If you build it they will come.  The downtown needs a 10 plex stadium seating theater, a bunch of shops and restaurants, places for people to meet, walk, sit, and watch the passing scene (you know, like at the mall). How bout evening concerts, dances, art shows, antique car exhbitis — oh you get the idea, like at the mall.

People will come downtown in droves if there is a reason for them to come. Fund it — simple. Charge for parking and use the money to clean up the area, provide the services, lower taxes, new infrastructure, etc. They did it in Pasadena, they can do it in Evansville.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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