These folks need to read this blog


These folks need to read this blog

The town of Elburn Illinois has a problem. The local commuter line is going to start stopping there and the homes near the station fear that folks will park in the neighborhood thus blocking out residents. Read about it here.

So they set up a bureaucracy to issue permits, have people prove where they live, and in the end collect no money.

How bout this:  Set the fee for parking on those streets at $1 and hour between 7 am and 5 pm.    Collect money with an in car meter.  Residents can pick up a permit rather than a meter.

That would keep people in the lots, cut down on parking in the area, generate money to use on streets and lighting and the like. If someone wanted to pay $10 rather than $1.75. so be it.

Visitors can use a meter that has been given to residents (but the residents put a few bucks on).

They seem to focus only on the people taking the train but if you read between the lines, I think there is a parking problem already in the area. ("Many people don’t have driveways and must park on the streets."

Oh Well….


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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