They Paved the Streets — What’s the next thing to happen


They Paved the Streets — What’s the next thing to happen

When we moved into our neighborhood about 30 years ago, the first thing that happened was that they repaved the streets.  We thought “wow”  the city is making our neighborhood perfect.  The next thing that happened, two months later, was that the street was torn up for a 48 inch gas pipeline to be buried 20 feet under the beautiful new pavement.

Fast forward 30 years. Our streets are crumbling. Its so bad that when their repair the potholes, the repair patches run together.  I will say, however, that the asphalt the gas company put over their pipeline is holding up super. Its perfect — there’s not a pothole, crack, or crevice. Now why can’t the city mix macadam like that.

What brought all this to mind is that they repaved the streets outside PTs offices here near LAX.  They needed it. We are in an industrial area and simis beat the pavement to death. The job was finished about three months ago.

Sure enough, day before yesterday a crew showed up and began cutting the street. They are from the Department of Water and Power. Seems a new water main was planned for the area. Today ten trucks and 20 workers are digging and cutting.

I guess there is no real mystery here. Who would expect the city to actually coordinate between departments so resurfacing could be timed AFTER the digging? Want to know where the next pipeline is going in. Find the street that has just been resurfaced.



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