They work in pairs here


They work in pairs here

I have noticed during my past two trips to the UK that the traffic wardens (read that parking enforcement officers) work in pairs. When I asked about this I was given the company line (more efficient, etc) however I really think its for self preservation. The Brits hate, I and mean HATE these guys. They are constantly being assaulted, both verbally and physically. They really need to go on a PR program here to change an image.

These guys are all private. They work for parking operators who are hired by the local city councils to write tickets and provide other enforcement services (booting and towing).  That fact probably reduces the possibility for flexibility (writing warnings and the like). If the enforcement provider is on a cost plus contract, and gets a percentage of the take, it can mean a pretty aggressive enforcement program.

I think that if a person walks up while the ticket is being written, that ticket could be voided and a warning issued. It would be great PR and everyone would be happy. A quick software change in the ticket writing equipment could ensure that warning were connected to specific tickets (the one in process when the event occurred) or for specific issues. The system could track warnings and drivers getting more than a certain number in a specific period of time could be cited.

The amount of revenue lost would be minimal and the PR would be "over the top" as they say here.

Plus they would be able to reduce the number of traffic wardens by half or cover a much larger area since doubling up would not be necessary.


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  1. The problem with issuing warnings as people approach is that if her clevage is good or his knuckles are big, then tickets get dismissed for all the wrong reasons, and Joanna Public in her house looking out sees this ‘corruption’ taking place.
    If the officer has had time to pen the offence, then the driver had time to move the vehicle and can take the time to write to an appeal authority if need be.
    In Australian cities, working in pairs or withion sight of another is generally the rule too!

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