THey Just Don’t Get It!


THey Just Don’t Get It!

A report from the home front:

The UAW is preventing any Marine not driving a US made car or with a pro Bush bumper sticker from parking in a UAW owned lot near a Marine Training Facility in Michigan. Seems the Marines have been parking there with no problem for some time, but the United Auto Worker’s president just noticed that many of the leatherbacks drove "foreign" cars or were pro President Bush.

The UAW sees the parking of a non GM, Ford or Chrysler car a "snub" toward their lot.

The Marine Colonel was stunned –

"I don’t see it as a snub against them," he said, adding no conditions were set when the union first began allowing the Marines to park in the lot several years ago. "We’re appreciative of what they’ve done, but you don’t come into my office and say, ’OK, we’re not going to support some of your Marines.’ I don’t know what a foreign car is today anyway. BMWs are made in South Carolina now."

Not Just BMW’s, colonel, but also Toyotas, Mazdas, Subarus, Mercedes, Nissans, well the list goes on and on. Oh, yes — The Germans own Chrysler, Ford Owns Jaguar, GM runs a number of UK automakers. Are they to divest themselves of those little jewels. Plus, I guarantee that half the parts in virtually every vehicle GM, Ford and Chrysler makes is made overseas.

These union guys just don’t get it. Plus half the people in the country voted for Bush. Does that mean they don’t want those Republicans’ business.  WOW! No wonder union membership is shrinking. These folks have absolutely no clue.

I wonder what those Marines that have to walk another block in the snow are going to think when they decide to buy their next car? Wonder if it’ll be a Chevy?

The article was in the American International Automobile Dealer’s Newsletter. Bet those guys are really supporting the UAW.


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