This is how it’s done


This is how it’s done

A high school in Swampscott, MA, is raising its parking fees for students who want to park on campus. I would guess that normally there would be pitchforks and torches in abundance. However, in this case, folks seem to take to the idea. Read all about it here.

The school committee had a problem. There was not enough money to pay for many popular school programs (after school clubs and activities) and many were having to go by the wayside. The money from the parking fees is going to keep these program going.

The local Superintendent took with one hand and returned with another. $150 bucks for a parking permit, but the clubs and activities were back in business.

I’m sure that if municipalities could get into this mode, and show people where the parking fees and fines were going, that is going back into the local neighborhoods from whence they came, rather than into the “general fund” never to be seen again, much of the concern over paying for parking would evaporate like the fog on a summers morn…


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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