This is just crazy


This is just crazy

Here’s another one

This is just crazy—Dewey Beach in Delaware is concerned that their increase in parking FINES might drive people away. The logic is that higher fines mean people won’t come to park there. Read about It here.

Let me attempt to parse this. I want to go to the beach. I somehow find that the fine for improper parking is $50. I guess I plan to park improperly when I start out so I decide to go somewhere where I know that parking fines are cheaper so I will have to pay less.

ARE THEY NUTS… Is there anyone on the planet who actually starts out going to the beach or anywhere on vacation for that matter making the decision based on how much they will have to pay when they get a parking ticket? Give me a friggin break.

If the fines are onerous, fine, lower them. But arguing that people don’t come because they are too high…From the article it seems that there is no indication that, in fact, over the past two years there has been a reduction in people coming to Dewey Beach for any reason.

And…as correspondent Mark points out – They are concerned that the parking fines are “unfriendly.” At what point does a parking ticket become “friendly?”


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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