This Twitter Thing Really Works


This Twitter Thing Really Works

I have had two twitter events this morning. First of all, a woman that I follow, Kathleen Laney @laneysolutions, posted a piece about finding leaders — they are neither born nor taught, but found. I retweeted and told her I liked it. She responded that she would be glad to help find a leader or two for companies in the parking industry. I told her I had a friend who was desperate for senior people and put them together. Within five minutes they were emailing and the rest is history.

I also got involved in a ‘twitter conversation’ between Manny Resoures @mrparking in the UK and Conrad Lumm @myparkingsign. Conrad posited that 90% of the cars may be gone off the street and what were we going to do with all the leftover parking space. Manny noted that wasn’t going to happen soon, and I jumped in with my usual schtick. I said that it could either happen or not…Conrad came back with if we were going to talk philosophy, try Wittgenstien.  I said there was always Schroddinger’s Cat (google it).

It was fun and amazingly enough, a bit thought provoking.

Today on twitter I learned about Mcity, range anxiety in the UK, parking woes in Paris, inground sensors in Sydney, plus tons of information on parking rate adjustments nationwide, the usage of pay by cell phone in a dozen cities. And that’s only in the first four hours of the day.

These are short tidbits, but if they catch your eye, then you can follow the link to the story and who knows?

You only need to invest five or ten minutes two or three times a day and you will be surprised what you might trip over.


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