This is upside down


This is upside down

Seems the city of Coldwater Michigan, as have other cities, has decided to tax the local merchants to pay for maintenance on city owned parking facilities. Read about it here. Can I ask a question? I think I just did.

Why shouldn’t the people who park in the lots pay for the maintenance in the lots.  If I elect to walk to downtown Coldwater, or take a bus, or ride my bike, I will be paying for the parking in an increase in the cost of goods or services. 

If you read further you find that businesses that don’t "abut" the parking or provide their own parking don’t have to pay the additional tax.  That means, I guess, that if my store is halfway down the block or around the corner, I’m off the hook. This tax adds to the cost of doing business for some, but not for others.

However, if they simply charge a few pennies for people to park on the lots (sell monthly permits to employees and daily hourly parking to visitors) the problem is solved, and the merchants don’t have to pay for the maintenance.  It would generate more money that needed, and all would be right with the world.

If we could be sure that the money generated was used to provide better parking, security, lighting, infrastructure downtown, who could argue?

Anyone disagree?


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