Those Evil Parking Meters Can Solve Some Problems


Those Evil Parking Meters Can Solve Some Problems

It was all over the news here in LA. A parker had gotten a ticket and just knew there was still time on the meter. He contacted a local TV station ombudsman for help and help he got.

With the prodding from bright lights, cameras, and microphones, the Parking division was enticed to check their records.  Since they have new, computerized, on line parking meters the information was there. They compared the citation with the meter and found, yep, when the ticket was written there was still plenty of time on the meter. Seems amongst other things the meters (in this case IPS) keep track of when money is added and how long the meter is active.

The citizen had paid his citation (required before any challenge can be made) and quickly received his refund. All is right with the world.

Oh, the city said the citation was hand written and the officer must have made a mistake.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. So who/what told the warden to write the ticket?
    Sounds like the problem wasn’t solved – the bandaid was removed is all.

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