Time to Give Thanks


Time to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is the truly American Holiday.  They don’t celebrate it in Europe, its a downmarket holiday in Canada, and Asia  — nada.

Why? It seems to me that we are blessed. Hard work, perseverance, a culture that says ‘yes,’ and a unerring desire to help others have made America what she is and will be.  We have become that ‘shining city on the hill.’

The rest of the year we work hard and build our homes and businesses, but on this day we rest, and give thanks for the results of that labor.

As hard as some try to tear us down, we work to shore America up. By understanding and fixing the mistakes we have made, we have become a place that the troubled masses seek.

So we give thanks this week. Thanks for the strength needed to maintain our abundance. Thanks for those who have put a hand out along the way. Thanks for wonderful employees and faithful customers and readers. Thanks for a supportive God and for the moral fiber that keeps us strong.

From all of us at Parking Today Media

Happy Thanksgiving 2015.




John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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