To Whet your Appetite


To Whet your Appetite

PT April is shaping up to be a great publication. There are articles about the cutting edge technology used by the City of Toronto, off beat ways to collect money, on and off street, revenue control at Airports, AVI from Wal-Mart’s point of view, and of course our audit sniffing pooch, PT, holds forth on credit cards and dare we say it, some problems you need to address.

Why think about April the second week in March? That’s when this mag comes together. That way we give graphics and printing, and the USPS a chance to turn this series of digital information into something you get in your mailbox.

However, you CAN get PT earlier. Our newly named web site (PTWEB) is in a state of disarray. Webmaster Suda is changing stuff daily. However a lot of the new features are working — one of the best is PT Plus. In addition to a lot of search and historic features, you can also see PT in PDF form on the day we send it to the printers. That’s about THREE WEEKS before its delivered in the mail. Check it out.

PT Plus will also have a Parking News Feed in Real Time, plus discounts on all sorts of parking stuff.

On of the most interesting articles in April is on fabric used to provide shade in surface lots, primarily at airports. The pictures are worth the time to open the magazine. They are dynamite.

OK, nuff for now — Have to turn out that last article, the one on Maurice Anderson and his Toronto Parking Authority.


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