Twitter and Tweet @jvhpt


Twitter and Tweet @jvhpt

OK – I’m on twitter – just a bit of news a couple of times a day – follow @jvhpt. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a scoop and you will get the news before anyone else. Or you may find out about that strange exit gate at my doctor’s, or when, once again, I prove the 9 out of 10 rule and “go bare” and don’t put money in the meter. I’m going to really REALLY try to make this interesting and not about the fact that I’m standing in the Alpha Beta Parking Lot or Heidi the dog just walked across the room. Who knows, you might get a few ideas as to what is upcoming in PT, or where I’m travelling next, or who is on the interview list. It’s all real parking stuff


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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