Upgrade to Vista – NEVER – Upgrade to Office 2007 Well……


Upgrade to Vista – NEVER – Upgrade to Office 2007 Well……

I made the mistake of upgrading my “Microsoft Office” to Office 2007. It works the same, perhaps a bit more slowly, than 2003, but it just looks different and most of the commands are in different places. Its like leaning your language all over again.

But there is one nice thing. I can blog here in “Word” and then publish it directly on the ‘net. A nice little feature. There are probably hundreds of others that I will discover over the next half a decade, when they will come out with 2012 and I will start all over again.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Aw, C’mon John! VISTA doesn’t suck *that* bad….provided that you have at least a full business week to convert your existing XP/2000 files over. Don’t even bother trying to use the VISTA built-in transfer programs – that just added 11 hours of unusable computer time to my adventure – and resulted in *nothing* completed successfully. And yes, all the commands are in different spots with 2007 – unnerving. But, us old dogs can learn new tricks, I as well am finding certain things I like.
    However – anyone (vendor, owner, Operator) that complains about the cost to transfer PARCS data to a newer system? They might get an entirely different story from me now! 🙂

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