Valet Parking at a VA Hospital


Valet Parking at a VA Hospital

The VA Hospital in San Antonio has added Valet Parking as a benefit to veterans. They noted that they had had complaints about parking and long walks and folks being late for appointments hence the new service.

However, some have wondered about the cost, $200 grand a year, and if that valet parking is a service that the government shouldn’t really provide.

OK,. lets see.  Vets have given their all for their country. The VA is notorious for their mediocre health care. I, for one, can’t think of a better way to spend the $200K. By the way, its free.

I would do something a bit different, though. I would provide free valet to veterans only. Everyone else (staff, visitors, vendors, etc) would have to pay or walk.  All the vet needed to do was show their appointment slip or ID and they would have their parking comped. Others, let’s eat cake, er pay.

I don’t know how many visitors and all go to the Audie Murphy VA center in San Antonio, but I would guess a lot, since its in the dead center of one of the largest military areas in the country. If those visitors paid a couple of bucks each, perhaps the $200k  could be cut a bit. That’s $550 a day. At $3 a car they would only need 15 cars an hour on a 12 hour day to cover the costs.  So, maybe they only cover half.  That’s $100K for a new stethoscope, or perhaps to pay for a bit of extra staff.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Left our vehicle in the VA care valet parking. When we returned to our vehicle we immediately noticed the touched screen was black. It was working fine when we dropped off our vehicle. But lo and behold it doesn’t work anymore. Do your valet workers play a nasty tricks on certain vehicles? Way too convient timing. If we find your drivers are responsible you and the city will be hearing from us.

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