Veteran’s Day – They just did it — It was worth it


Veteran’s Day – They just did it — It was worth it

Yes, it’s today.

As I was growing up, virtually everyone I knew had been in the military. Most had served in WWII or Korea. They were the fathers of my friends. They didn’t talk a lot about it. They just had done it.

I find that most people don’t really talk about their service. It never seems to come up. But they did it.  They sacrificed years of their lives, in some cases their very lives. They spent time away from lovers and family. They endured heat, cold, jungles, deserts. They didn’t really complain that much. They did it.

I find that when I go up to veterans in uniform say in the airport and thank them for their service, they are almost embarrassed. They don’t expect praise. They don’t expect to stand out.  They are doing a job they want to do.

Don’t get me wrong. You and I need to express our thanks, any way we can. Its important that we acknowledge what they are doing. They are putting themselves in harm’s way for us. They can take a little embarrassment.

There were a number of soldiers on a plane I was on the other day. About 20 in uniform heading somewhere for something or other. When we landed the flight attendant asked if we could keep our seats and let the soldiers off first. The left to thunderous applause.

I noticed that they seemed to stand a little straighter, hold their backpacks a little tighter, and smile acknowledgements as they walked down the aisle. I’ll just bet they think about that applause as they lie in their bunks getting to sleep. They may think,  “Its worth it.”

Happy Veteran’s Day – to those who served, and to those who acknowledge their debt to them.



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  1. John my Father served in Germany. When he was convelasing in the Soldiers Home on Massachusetts with other Veterans then It hit me how they helped protect this Great America over the years.
    God Biess them All,
    John Jack Aulino

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